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On the Market: Math Skills Needed in Midtown West

We went hunting for outrageously high per-square-foot asking prices, and happened upon this Midtown West property, which has been languishing on the market for an interminable 14 weeks: No address, no sumptuous interior shots, just this lovely bit of architectural bliss at right, and the jaw-dropping figure of $10,455/sqft, if you believe the Bellmarc site.

Which reminds us of that old aphorism from the annals of computer science, GIGO: Garbage in? (A 110sqft condo for $1.15 million.) Garbage out.

Whip out your own superhero math skills, and you'll find this two-bedroom is at least 6 or 7 times that size. Talk about selling yourself short! As for the interior? You'll need x-ray vision for that. Or a walk-through.
· Listing: Midtown West 2-bed, 2.5-bath [Bellmarc]