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Taste the Astor Place Pain Again, for the First Time

From the Letters Page of this past Sunday's NYT City Section:

To the Editor: In "From Grit to Gloss" (Nov. 13), about the transformation of the East Village, Richard Perez says that "the Astor Place tower is the most potent symbol of the absence of urban grit," and then asks if that mirrored glass tower looks "wildly out of place? Or is it just me?" He must be joking. When I finally got a look at the tower a couple of months ago, I felt as if I were witnessing a crime. It takes a lot to shock a born-and-bred Brooklynite, but whoever designed that thing certainly succeeded.

Andrea Bryant
Park Slope, Brooklyn

Fun bonus fact: the Sculpture For Living is a condo-op. Why we wanted to share that with you, we're not sure.
· That Glass Tower At Astor Place [NYTimes, 3rd entry]