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Rumblings & Bumblings: Rockin' the J&R Penthouse

[Time to shake off the holiday haze and answer some pressing development questions. Answers and more questions to -- or in the comments below. A thousand thank yous.]

1) Downtown: "There are these two cylindrical spire-ish things (see above) on the top of the building housing J&R Music world (at Broadway and Park Row I think). Each has windows all the way around and I can’t help but think there must be some seriously cool space in there. Do you know anything of this?"
2) Park Slowanus: "Anyone know what is going up on 4th Avenue between 4th St. and 5th St. in Brooklyn? Looks like a pretty big structure already." [Whole Foods?]
3) West Murray Hill: "I walk by a construction sight every day on East 35th St (just east of 5th Ave next to 7 E 35th St.) Construction started late in the summer, but has been hot and heavy the past few weeks. The base of the building goes down a good 3 stories underground. Any clue as to what type of building is going up? How tall?" Our reader continues, "This will bring further positive development to 35th St that until just about 5 years ago, was completely dead after 7pm. Now with the Catwalk cafe, the Playwright Cafe, Brendans, O'Reilly's and several Korean bars, the block just west of 5th Ave is becoming quite the busy place. I have seen things change a lot in the 13 years I have lived there."
4) Greenwich Village "What's going on at Father Demo Square (6th Ave/ Bleecker/ Carmine St)? Are they pigeon proofing it?"