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Williamsburg Pay-to-Stay? Perhaps Someday...

We haven't touched the Williamsburg hotel rumor in a while, mainly because we're not sure what the hell is going on over in that whacky 'hood. Someone swore a while back that a hotel was going up at North 9th Street and Roebling, after a different North 9th site was outed as nothing but an overzealous realtor's very active imagination. But now we have the above rendering on the Winick Realty Group's website, and the following info from Block magazine:

The Winick Realty Group is developing a commercial and hotel space on the corner of Bedford Avenue and South 6th Street. The six-story building will contain 4,300 square feet of ground floor retail space and a hotel above. “There isn’t a specific hotel involved in the project just yet,” says Michell Shaykevich, who represents the property. “The landlord is developing the site and will lease to a future tenant.” Plans indicate the building will be ready for occupancy as early as winter 2007.All the way down on South 6th? No specific hotel involved yet? OK, resume breathing.
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