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Signs of Market Cooling, Just in Time for Winter

Two quick hits of chilly housing stats for our show-us-the-numbers crowd.
1) Nationwide, sales of existing homes decreased further than expected in October (2.7%), and would've been worse if not for all the hurricane relocation. Plus, the inventories of unsold homes rose to their highest level since 1986. [Newsday]
2) And here in our neck of the woods, the rate of foreclosures increased in every borough last month, with an especially notable change in Manhattan, to one in every 10,641 households from one in every 17,737 in September. [TheRealDeal]

UPDATE: Need some warming up? Just check out today's new-home sales number, which leapt 13 percent last month and laughed at expectations. Perhaps condo developers need not fear just yet. [Bloomberg]