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Lobby Complaints and Holiday Bonuses at 70 Washington

Tuesday, normally such a dreadful day, is looking up. Why? Oh, nothing; just our first update from someone who is actually spending their nights inside our favorite DUMBO development, 70 Washington! Wooooooo! When last we left 70Wash, things were looking up. Has the good mojo continued? Have a look at the pic above and then read this:

Finally was able to get that pic of the lobby.. this was taken from the outside yesterday morning. The shapes are cut from sheets of neon-colored Plexiglas. In talking with fellow residents, it seems everyone thinks it's ugly but somehow trusts that Walentas will get it right. To me, it just looks horrid, especially with the beautiful elevator wall made of some sort of wood (cherry? teak?). Otherwise, though, we're happy with the place. The staff are really nice, the apartment is beautiful, and it looks like the work on the rest of the building is coming along. We're just waiting for them to finish our hallway so we're not tracking plaster dust into the apartment all the time.

Sounds like the kids are liking it, minus the Miami-style lobby art. And about that lobby? It was designed by Helen Brough and it's getting its finishing touches. How do we know? Simple! The email from Two Trees Management mouthpiece Toby Klein that's reprinted after the jump tells us! And that's not all it says. After making a bit of a splash when the listings were first opened up to outsiders, 70 Washington is now offering a holiday bonus to realtors who can get people in contract by January 31st. Hooray! Read on for Christmas cheer! HOLIDAY COMMISSION BONUS For a limited time, 70 Washington Condominiums is offering brokers a very rewarding incentive. Any new contracts signed by Jan. 31st 2005, will earn a 5% commission

At 70 Washington Condominiums, sales began on May 21 2005. Today, more then 130 (50%) of the units are in contract. Over 30 apartments have closed, and the new owners have already moved in. Most lofts are available for immediate occupancy

We invite you to come and see. Our building is looking better every day. The lobby, designed by Helen Brough is getting its finishing touches and the building will be totally completed by early next year.

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