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Avalon Chrystie Place Spawns Anew

With the spectre of Avalon Chrystie Place now looming firmly over East Houston, it's time for phase two of the fun—the "affordable housing" phase. A block north of its parent building, at East 1st and the Bowery, the crews are hard at work on Phase 2: the previous buildings—and lone Bowery tenement—on the site are long gone and so is the rubble. If it rises as quickly as Avalon I did, expect completion by tomorrow. After the jump, shots of the construction site. Squint and you can make out the Liz Chrystie Garden cowering in the back, an improbable oasis between the Avalon of the now and the Avalon of the soon-to-be.

· Wrecking Machines 1, Old Buildings 0 [Curbed]