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70 Washington "Coming Along Nicely," "Accomodating"

Dumbo's 70 Washington, the little debutante who finally made her debut, now has residents sleeping within its innards. What to make of this? We're not quite sure, just like we're not quite sure this e-mail isn't from a Walentas underling trying to turn the PR tide. Still, though, we'll take anything when it comes to 70 Wash. We can't get enough! So tipster, tip on:

I had my walk through. Things went well, the building seems to be coming along nicely. People have already moved in and, I must say, the woman who took us through the apartment was awesome and super nice. The apt. was in great shape and they very accomodating when it came to fixing certain things. The people there are awesome, I still dont understand why everyone has issues with the Walentas team? They do good work! I close in a week!

P.S. - Word is there are some other "celebrities" living in the building - a big NYC DJ and "super model" . I can't give out names yet.

Big DJs and supermodels? Wow, it's just like living in Marquee! Hopefully they'll set up a velvet rope to keep you from getting home a little too quickly.
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