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P.J. Hanley's in Brooklyn: Last Call or New Look?

Blogger A Brooklyn Life has some photographic evidence of what could either be the demise or renovation of a Carroll Gardens bar dating back to pre-Brooklyn Bridge days - P.J. Hanley's - gladdening the hearts of local barflies since either 1871 or 1874. But ABL comes to bury the place, not to praise it:

I might get skewered by long-time neighborhood people for this, but I never liked the place. I can't blame the people who'd been going there forever for very obviously not wanting anyone in their bar who wasn't born and raised in the neighborhood, but it certainly didn't endear any love from those who just moved in. It also wasn't really a place for women, and the few times I'd gather up the courage to walk in and have a beer, my entrance was marked by a complete silence at the bar. ... The chilly reception was always enough to send me elsewhere.Someone must've forgotten to tell the regulars they took down the No Girlz Allowed sign a while back.
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