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On the Market: Quonset Hut, Endless Possibilities in Inwood

Mere weeks after the Times unironically dubbed it "a Caribbean hot spot on the Hudson," La Marina - a riverfront cafe and boat basin on 4.3 acres in Inwood - has splashed on eBay. Opening price: $2.5 million. Mind you, it's technically a long-term lease, but when you're inheriting the "#1 seller of Corona Beer in NYC" and "#1 seller of Presidente Beer outside of the Dominican Republic," as the ad so proudly claims, what do you have to worry about? Plus, an ambitious buyer could attract ferry service, charter boats, billboards and maybe even a luxury building nearby. "The sky is the limit and your finances!! All is possible." Just have a seat on a deck chair and we'll slice up some limes while your head continues to reel.
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