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WTC Chaos Update: Snohetta Shrinking

Recent quotes, in chronological order, from executives at the World Trade Center Memorial Foundation concerning whether Snohetta's redesign of its copier/fax/printer building will be "substantially similar" to the original design (as gathered by David Dunlap):

1) 10/1/05: "We're committed to the construction of the Snohetta building."
2) 10/20/05: "I think we have to let the process work out and see. We have to look at the balance between cost and need and program - and most importantly, what does the visitor deserve."
3) 11/2/05: "We are engaged in a design process. Snohetta is, on a very preliminary basis, examining the alternative possibilities. We don't have even a first draft of outcomes of that process yet."

So, yeah. Snohetta's resizing their baby more than we'd heard. According to Dunlap, the new building will probably be "substantially smaller" than the original plan. As in, so small you can only see it from Norway? Developing...
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