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Curbed PriceChopper: High-Pressure Tactics in Cobble Hill

Close your eyes: This will all be over very soon. Those are not the words you want to hear when forking over a cool million (give or take a dollar) for an outerborough property. But that's what was playing in our head as we read this honest-to-goodness Corcoran ad for a brick two-family in Cobble Hill:

REDUCED $400,000!!!!!!! DEAL OF THE YEAR!! HOUSE IS BEING OFFERED FOR $999,999, WITHOUT SEEING IT, WITHOUT INSPECTING IT, MUST CLOSE IN 30 DAYS, MUST BE ALL CASH AND MUST TAKE TENANTS IN PLACE. NO EXCEPTIONS TO THE TERMS!Yes, it would seem to qualify as a PriceChopper (29% off!), but the whole sight-unseen clause is giving us the willies. Ditto for our tipster: "Who are they kidding? This sounds sketchier than the sketchiest craigslist ad!"
· Listing: Cheever Place (Kane/Degraw) [Corcoran]