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Introducing... Greenwick

Curbed's hairbrained contests aside, most new neighborhood names spring from the fertile mind of real estate agents. Today, from Justin, the man behind the hyperkinetic UrbanFoto and LoftNinja, comes a new blog to define a new neighborhood:

Just one of several rapidly changing areas of Brooklyn that people don't know what in the hell to call. "East Williamsburg" is basically a bullshit concept unless you are a cartographer standing in the "middle" of Williamsburg (whereever the hell that is...) and lets face it, although the area of Greenwick is cool, it certainly lacks the luster of the Greenpoint that the Polish (& the fotoUR) love so much. So...instead of having to kill myself explaining the area to prospective newby transplanted Brooklynites, i'll just send them here.Did you catch him toss "Greenwick" in there, just like any other neighborhood name? That's how it's done, friends. Like the sound of that? He's got a 3,000 square foot commercial loft in Greenwick with your name on it.
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