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Zeckendorfs Snag Record-Price Air from Book Club, Church

The Zeckendorf brothers, William and Arthur, are setting records left and right - first for high amounts of "enthusiasm" for their new 15 Central Park West development, and now for air! In this town, the latter record feels a bit more tangible, strangely. To secure a place in the sky just about across the park from 15CPW, they're paying $430/sqft (more than $37 million total) for the rights to unused air above Christ Church United Methodist and the Grolier Club, on East 60th St. Plus, they'll be pulling another popular NYC trick: Snag a Park Ave. address without actually fronting on it. It's all for a good cause, according to Arthur - providing homes (35 stories worth) for those with not enough choices: "We want to concentrate on the very high-end market where we see tremendous strength and a limited inventory."
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