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Curbed Readers Comment: Make It Nice Trumpstyle

1) "East Harlem is way cheap. Cheaper than H Heights/Wash Heights and much better proximity to 'downtown' (ie you can walk to C Park and UES restaurants). I've heard whispers that Trump is looking at the high 90s low 100s between 1st and the river. Apparently he wants to get the projects there condemned so he can make it nice Trumpstyle. Although this would piss a lot of people off, I imagine it would send surrounding prop. value northward." [Curbed Roundtable: Where to Buy?]
2) "my friend and desk neighbor (say 'hi!') just closed on a place at 70 Wash. she hasn't moved in yet, but she says she likes it so far and feels at home because everyone she has met so far is married, Japanese, and works in IB (just like us!)." [70 Washington 'Coming Along Nicely']
3) "But the Hookers... Hookers Galore. Creepier by far than anything I saw on the staircase in Viva... What a nice slap of reality in the face of a young homo from the bucolic Westchester suburbs working for his Uncle's firm for a summer." [LIC's Hooker Hotspot]
4) "OK, there are portholes in the kitchen cabinets, a skull-pillow on the couch and what looks like a leopard skin rug laid out on a table in the upstairs study/Room of Sacrifice. Is no one else frightened?" [Funky Friday Listing]