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15 Central Park West's $43 Million Throne

Because everyone's been very, very good this week, a Friday afternoon treat. We were denied floorplan porn at Santiago Calatrava's 80 South Street, but we will not be denied again. Via a very special Curbed tipster, behold the floorplan for the $43 million penthouse at Robert A.M. Stern's 15 Central Park West. Despite the 6,744sqft (and 1,979 wrap-around terrace), it's kind of obvious why big dogs like Carl Icahn aren't barking: just one tiny staff room? Christ, a residence of this glory needs a live-in staff of at least a dozen, not couting manicurists. (Can't quite make out what's what? Check out the floorplan in full 679-pixel-wide glory.)

One more very very special treat: 15 Central Park West's Schedule A. Perusing its pages of multi-million dollar listings gave us the biggest rush we've felt since we last spent an hour with the Social Register. Cuz Curbed loves ya, kids.
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