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Tunnel No. 3, Rumbling into a Hood Near You

Been a while since we heard any news of Tunnel No. 3, the new water tunnel that's snaking and shaking its way through the city so that we may all continue to drink clean, delicious water. Last week, the city announced that three lucky nabes that will, uh, get the shaft during this phase of contruction. Drumroll, please: “The shaft sites are located on East 4th Street between Lafayette Street and Cooper Square; at Hudson and Laight Streets; and Amsterdam Avenue and West 60th Street. It will be necessary to do some initial blasting at these locations,” DEP Commissioner Emily Lloyd said in a release.

A Curbed reader confirms from Tribeca: "It actually started this week, and it's pretty freaky--the bangs are loud as hell and shudder our building." More on the project and it's various stages of blasting here.
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