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Crazy on Craigslist: Secure, Undisclosed Pull-Out Couch

With the holidays around the corner, the vacation rentals market will be heating up - a great chance to make some money off the starry-eyed visitors soon to be arriving at our shores. Thinking of charging $200 a night for a bed in the city? How about $200/week for a pull-out couch in a living room, no doubt leaving more money to spend at Bloomie's, of course. This craigslisted apartment has:

* Fully functioning kitchen
* DVD player/VCR
* Pull Out Couch
* high speed wireless internet

* LinensBut where - dear wi-fi friend - is it located? "this is in or around Manhattan" is all the listing says. Somewhere on this island of 1.5 million souls, a brave little sofa waits for you. To tell you where exactly would ruin the holiday magic.
· $200/ week for pull out couch in livingroom [Craigslist]

[Photo via Flickr. May not represent actual couch for rent.]