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Curbed PriceChopper: Sutton Shaved

Original asking: $7,250,000
Now asking: $6,800,000
You save: $450,000!

Using the PriceChopper search powers of Natefind, we came across this classy broad at 25 Sutton Place, the storied 1928 co-op comprised of only 14 units. This full-floor, 3,600sf shack has nine "spacious, exquisitely proportioned rooms" that "flow from the classic Candela entry gallery." Protected East River views, of course, and the comfort of knowing you're living in one of "Manhattan's top 10 buildings." Great real estate porn, but why the discount? Our theory: They know that anyone younger than time and space is going to be forced to completely redecorate the place. But then again, this is an old money type of building, so we actually are fresh out of theories. Ah well, scrounge up that 50% down payment and let's get cracking! Pornalicious floorplan after the jump. Yum.

· Listing: 25 Sutton Place [Corcoran]