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Adventures in Real Estate Advertising: Avalon's Lovers

As Avalon Chrystie Place 2: More Chrystiein'! continues production, a reader sends along this old ad for the original Chrystie Place. You know, the expensive one. His review is priceless, so why try to add our own funny? He says:

Some seriously out of touch marketing I've seen (or maybe the best??) for Avalon Chrystie Place, I've included below. Notice the Bob Saget look-alike, with tucked in GAP sweater and pleated khakhis, clutching his submissive wife, outside their new home - Avalon Chrystie Place! The southern mansion in the background, the manufactured row apartments next to that, and all surrounding an in ground pool with K-Mart lawn furniture. To further impart the luxury of Chrystie Place, the couple is surrounded by a floating clock with roman numerals. Time until this couple's death, "that's time that's well spent", or a nod to neighbor Red Square? I guess we'll never know. PS - if you go into the doc Properties, you'll see this was created by Frank at Posner Advertising, using "The Luxury Renters". Now that's class.

We're just amazed there's a backyard, swimming pool and lawn furniture that nobody told us about! Man, that place is a steal.
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