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Like the Corner Bodega, DUMBO's 57 Front Never Closes

Yesterday, in a very chippy comments thread discussion about 70 Washington, someone decided to play the dreaded 57 Front card. If you recall, 57 Front St.?also known as River Front?is another totally superfab DUMBO development where buyers have been waiting to close. And waiting, and waiting, and waiting. One comment went a little like this:

It's already November and we still havent closed in 57 Front although I was in contract in January 05. It seems less likely that closing will occur this year. The upper floors are not even finished yet and havent had any walkthroughs yet. I expect closing next Summer perhaps. If I knew this would happen with Boymelgreen I would have purchased in 70 Washington condos.And then there was some more trash talk. But before the latest round of chatter hit the Internets, our inbox received a little 57 Front foreshadowing. We got this note: "The buyers are getting very nervous what with various conflicting information coming from the developer, the developers lawyers and Corcoran. The buyers even started a Yahoo group (for buyers only) to share information since it has become so frustrating." We'll assume they're not swapping brownie recipes and setting up playdates for their kids.
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