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'Fake Bravest Sicko': The Neighborhood Angle

Thought you could avoid reading about the phony-fireman rapist here? Sorry. Apparently this tabloid saga has a little something for everyone - including us. "It really does come back to real estate," a Curbed-minded reader opines (totally unprompted by us, we promise). From today's Post on alleged attacker Peter Braunstein:

Cast members said that while Braunstein claimed he lived in a Manhattan penthouse with a wealthy woman who was an aspiring actress, he actually lived in his mother's sixth-floor apartment in Kew Gardens, Queens. "It's a two-bedroom, and it's prewar, so it does have oversized rooms, but they don't even have an eat-in kitchen," a neighbor said.
· 'Loser' Lusts for Front Page: Co-Workers [NYPost]