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Fulton Fish Market Finally Set to Move... Mais Pourquoi?

NY1 is reporting that the deal to move the Fulton Fish Market to its new home in the Bronx has finally been brokered, and moving day will be this Saturday. We'll believe it when we see it. Right on cue, architectural blogger Miss Representation rages against the dying of the pike:

I don't understand why it has to move. Isn't it the perfect definition of mixed use? Hardly anyone is ever around to actually see it, it provides jobs, a reasonable service (being proximate to most of their important customers), and is centrally located (allowing only for its unique hours of operation). Most importantly, it makes Manhattan look like, well, Manhattan. The only shred of authenticity in the abysmal failure that is the South Street Seaport, what kind of renaissance are we to expect once it's gone? An additional outpost for Lids?· The Fish Market is Dead, Long Live the Fish Market [Miss Representation]
· Deal Struck To Open Fulton Fish Market In Hunts Point [NY1 via Gothamist]