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Remember the Alamo: Astor Cube Coming Home

Painfully ripped from the heart of the East Village back in March for a so-called "clean-up," the Astor Place cube known as The Alamo was supposed to return within 60 days. Yeah, um, or not. Then in August, they were saying "a few months." Will Doig and Stacia Thiel get to the bottom of the conspiracy theories swirling around its non-return:

What has been taking so long anyway? “We haven’t been working on it steadily. It’s been more of a side job,” says Versteeg’s Marcus Schaefer. “One of our guys was in there for a solid week welding up the interior.” To make way for a fresh paint job (Sherwin Williams’ Acrolon black sprayed with a protective graffiti coat), years of punk-era detritus were scraped off. “Someone had painted the Missing Foundation logo on the side of the cube,” says Schaefer, an old-school- music fan. “They were a band from the Lower East Side.”Alert the cultural anthropologists. (Another fun fact: it's by accident, not design, that the Alamo spins on its base.) Okay, okay. Bottom line: The Alamo will return this month, supposedly sometime before 8am some time after Nov. 14.
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