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Bazooka, Bazooka: Jackson Heights Gay Clubcrawl

Blogger Manhattan Offender forsakes his namesake borough for a weekend crawl of gay clubs in Jackson Heights. An excerpt from a very detailed report:

The layout of each of the place seems to exist in some "Gay Bar in Queens Template". A two-door entrance puts you through to one end of the bar, and possibly a small sitting area. Walking further back you will pass a dj booth as you stroll down a long stretch of bar toward the back, where there will be an elevated dance floor. You will have to walk through the dance floor to use the women's room, but the men's room will be will be to one side of the floor. Past the dance floor will be the entrance to the back patio (if open).
Huh, who knew? More news you can use: "If you choose to do a Jackson Heights pub crawl, men will whisper to you on almost every corner, 'Bazooka, bazooka.' These men are not offering you bubble gum. Apparently, they are selling cocaine, although I know not if is sold with a comic strip wrapper."
· Where Nobody Knows Your Name [Manhattan Offender]