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Tribeca's Pier 25/26 Plans: Sterility Now

Perusing these draft renderings of Piers 25 and 26 in Tribeca (longitude of North Moore Street, roughly), we're left... well, asleep. Cough, ahem. Okay, awake again. Almost. Anyway: anyone else incensed about the Hudson River inferiority complex? While the sexy East River gets a Manhattan shoreline makeover that incorporates sub-highway ballets, clam shacks, and thin towers threaded through the FDR, the Hudson River gets an urban planning overhaul that's straight out of a planned Florida microcommunity. For the love of a Richard Rogers/SHoP mashup, where's the edge?

Others aren't feeling it, either. Richard Mackenzie-Childs, who docks his vintage 1907 Yankee Ferry at Pier 25, plans to bring it back to the piers once the makeover's complete, but he's not thrilled about the new look. "There's a great chance it'll end up being a very sterile park," he says. Tribeca's shoreline: newly sanitized for your protection.
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