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St. Ann's Update: NYU's 26 Stories of Salvation

“You can’t stop NYU,” says one East Village resident. “NYU is a real estate company before it’s a university.” Indeed so. After months of rumors, NYU has won the showdown to continue the dorming of the East Village. Those crazy student journos at the Washington Square News report that their university has secured the contract to work with developer Hudson Companies, which acquired the St. Ann's Church site on the corner of Fourth Avenue and 12th Street a year ago. The plan for the site? Twenty-six stories of sophomore sin sheathed in Our Savior:

The university plans to maintain the façade of the historic St. Ann’s Church on 110 E. 12th Street, which will be part of the site of the new 190,000 square-foot residence hall. NYU will occupy 108 to 120 E. 12th St. between Third and Fourth avenues for the new dorm. Attributes of the dorm include its ability to help limit the number of students living in downtown dorms and create “a robust undergraduate residence life” by adding more dorms to an increasingly campus-like community at Union Square, said Lynne Brown, senior vice president for university relations and public affairs.

Seems Union Square is going to be the hub of the NYU sophomore year experience, "which would echo the freshman-year experience in the Washington Square cluster." Oh, it will echo it, all right. All night long.
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