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WTC Chaos Update: Bloomberg Yes, Fluffy No

Mayor Mike Bloomberg's re-election yesterday puts him in the driver's seat at the World Trade Center site, where he's suggested residential housing be added to the mix along Church Street. Put us in the camp that isn't overly enthused at that idea, but would still love to see something rise that doesn't look quite as, well, crapalicious as the current Freedom Tower design. A good Charles Bagli piece in the NYT today looks at the myriad challenges to the current plans, and the equally significant challenges that serve to dampen revisions. Bottom line: damned every which way. Over to you, Mike.

Meantime, The Gutter reports that "Ground Zero death gardener" Peter Walker revealed in a live chat yesterday that pets will be banned from the memorial as a matter of "respect." Which is cause enough for a reader contest we compel you to enter.
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