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'Burg Bucks: Deluded Dream or Delicious Reality?

Speaking of the expansion of coffee empires, it looks like Williamsburg is heading down the java path once treaded by the Lower East Side. A tipster writes:

On the North East corner of Marcy and Broadway (just underneath the Manhattan-bound stop for the J train) there is a small, vacant storefront. Leaning on the window from inside the store is a round Starbucks sign. Can it be? How brilliant of them to infiltrate the neighborhood under the El on Broadway. It would be redundant on the North Side, and if you can make it next to McDonald's and the 99 cent store, you'll probably survive next to Schaefer Landing.While this isn't quite the hipster thoroughfare of Bedford Avenue, it's still a Williamsburg Starbucks. Something tells us this won't explode like the Delancey Street episode, but feel free to offend/defend in the comments.
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