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East Village Getting Fatter By the Second

This sobering news recently came in over the Curbed tipline:

The now-six-month-closed East Village Launderette (at 6th Street and 1st Avenue) will become a Dunkin Donuts, adding more competition for the Mudspot. Damn the large corporations!If this turns out to be true, it's quite the development in our mission to prove that Dunkin' Donuts' is planning a hostile takeover of the East Village. This rumored Double-D location is signified on the map above by the red arrow near the bottom. The location would join already-popular East Village Dunkin' Donuts destinations on First Avenue and 13th Street, Second Avenue and 11th Street, 14th Street near Third Avenue (which is having its own hypnotic effect in the nabe) and First Avenue and 16th Street (not really EVil, but they really do make a fine Dunkaccino). Still with us? Good. The location with the red arrow and question mark corresponds to the empty lobby retail space at NYU's University Hall, which has displayed a sign saying a Dunkin' Donuts will be coming for what seems like an eternity. If that ever comes to fruition, look out, because the combined amount of powdered sugar in the area?if released into the atmosphere?would be enough to choke us all. Fear the jelly.
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