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For Commercial Lease: 'Luxury' Silo on the Gowanus

Enough jokes about the Gowanus Canal: What've you got on silos? Maybe you missed the chance to have a Cold War bomb shelter or instead find warm but conflicted memories of your Midwestern childhood coming to mind. Either way, this 2,000 sq ft converted cement silo, located right on the canal, could be the answer to your, uh, issues. But while the listing calls it an "apartment" and says there are two bedrooms, the place isn't for living, according to the broker, as it's zoned M2-1. Hence the "Commercial Use Only." Rent - including two spots to park cars and another to park your 100ft boat - is $4,000/month. The neighboring silo houses a dance studio, so perhaps you could attempt a health-food emporium or activewear boutique or something.
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