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In The Gutter: Petty Starchitects and One Cool Developer

The Guttersniper arrives in Miami for Art Basel Miami Beach, where no one will be spared. While (s)he liquors up at tonight's first open bar alongside Zaha, a look back at this week's NYC goodness on The Gutter, a week in which...

1) ...Daniel Libeskind is revealed to be in league with Nostradamus, at least as attends his various World Trade Center memorials.
2) ... The immortal line is uttered: "My name is Santiago Calatrava. You dissed my building. Prepare to die."
3) ... A moment of silence is observed for awesome developer Coco Brown, the mastermind behind the Hamptons' nutty Houses at Sagaponac project, who passed away earlier this week.
4) ...Buildings disappear, quite literally, from the Lower East Side. Hold us.

· The Gutter [The Gutter]