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Post-Apple Flatiron Update: This Space For Rent

A Curbed reader reports from the Flatiron District, where Apple's decision not to open a microstore on Fifth Avenue between 18th and 19th has left a void: "The place is still an empty shell and it does look like Apple bailed a while ago. Below is the link from RKF listing. I guess it's too late to allow Andrew's back?" We'd wager it is. But it would be the perfect place if your store happens to be named SIGNAGE.

In related Apple Store news, the cubetacular Apple Store nearing completion up Fifth Avenue in the GM Building has worked through its own quirks. Deborah Schoeneman reports that landlord Harry Macklowe promised Steve Jobs he could take his $9 million glass cube with him at the end of the lease. At that time, 20 years hence, Jobs has to replace the cube with a "comparable structure"—perhaps an artful pyramid of discarded Dells.
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