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Rumblings & Bumblings Responses: More Boymelgreen!

1) Regarding those turets atop the J&R building at 15 Park Row, a commenter billing called "The Source" (then it's gotta be true) writes, "I have been in both turrets at 15 Park Row and climbed their cylindrical staircases which lead to wood trap doors out to the area just below the cuppola roofs (green in the photo). One was in fact used 20+years ago as an architect's office and the views are some of the most dramatic I've seen in 30 years of real estate experience. The owners have contemplated a number of different uses for the turrets and the 27th floor of the building which is completely empty as well. 15 Park Row was the world's tallest building from approximately 1898 to 1908."
2) Is there a hotter space in the world right now than the nexus of Park Slope and Gowanus? You've got the new Whole Foods coming (3rd and 3rd -- sorry), the giant new ConEd buiding (so hott!), and now this news of a new Leviev Boymelgreen 12-story condo joint (pictured above) at 4th Ave. and 5th. (See also Boymelgreen's Gowanus Village.) All just a short walk from the canal!
3) No takers on the space on 35th, but we did get a lesson in the comments on the nabe's boundaries (" True Murray Hill, before RE garble, is Lexington to 5th in the 30s." And this news of more dev: "There's a pair of buildings being torn down at the corner of 36th/5th (NW corner) as well, and i know that 11E 36 is supposed to be going condo shortly -- reno has already started." We'll have to keep our eye on this hot new nabe.
4) Regarding the doings in Father Demo Square, where pigeon shit reigns, a commenter says, "They are putting in a 10 story apt building designed by Richard Meier. Jamba Juice, Starbucks, McDonalds, and a 7-11 have already signed leases for the retail." Ooh, stop it, too good, our sides hurt. How about a more modest plan for a little cleanup? In any case, something's happening, because the neighbors are already incorporating the plans into their Craigslist ads.
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