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East Village Cave of Collectibles Hits eBay for Milk Money

Ace Bar, that East Village watering hole known for its massive collection of "eBay-worthy collectibles," is seeking a new owner - how else? - at the world's biggest rummage sale. The $670,000 listing, for all the fixtures as well as the promise of a 10-year lease, even reads like a typical eBay ad:

The sale includes one of the largest publicly displayed antique lunchbox collections in the world (more impressive than the collection at the Smithsonian).They also tout supposed "numerous celebrity sightings as well as 'A-list' celebrity regulars," for what it's worth. In case you're wondering what sort of seller the current owner is like, they assure you, "Take a look at my ebay rating, I am a member since 1999 with no negative feedback & over 100 positive transactions."
· Listing: ACE BAR, 531 East 5th Street [eBay]
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