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City Council Tells LPC to Shove It on 184 Kent

"This is a piece of trash. We should knock it down and put something nice up."
– Councilmember Simcha Felder

And just like that?well, and after a 43-6 vote?Williamsburg's 184 Kent Avenue was denied landmark status by the New York City Council (back-patting Post op-ed TK). It was only the fifth time in the past 15 years that the council overturned the Landmarks Preservation Commission, which wanted to preserve the 1913 Cass Gilbert-designed building because of its Egyptian Revivalist blahblahblah. So what does this mean for the former Austin, Nichols & Co. warehouse? In case you forgot, developer Moishe Kestenbaum, who has been renting out apartments in the building, plans on modifying the facade, building a large rooftop addition, and converting the sucker to ... wait for it ... luxury condos. Note the rendering up top. Sadly, we don't know what will become of the models. Our hide-a-bed remains an option.
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