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LES Nightlife: Shut Up! No, You Shut Up!

Yesterday's post about the major controversy over the proliferation of bars on the Lower East Side touched off a minor controversy in the comments thread. Specifically, should Manhattanites accept the fact that they live in a noisy metropolis, or should boozehounds be more considerate? Some colorful sample feedback:

1) "ick. NYC is just too damn kid-friendly lately, boohoo your baby can't sleep b/c there's noise - move to the 'burbs already!"
2) "Most of the people fighting this seem to be not battling bars but the idiot/ass-holes who decide that screaming and yelling are endearing qualities. I like to get shit-faced as mucha s the next guy, but I'm sorry walking in front of Pianos at 1:00 on a Friday night makes be feel for the people above. It seems its a hang out for the inconsiderate."
3) "I'd suggest that instead of an earlier last call, they simply stop PATH train and Staten Island ferry service, and increase the bridge/tunnel tolls to $100 at 2 AM."
4) "Two words for that annoyed father: 'Piss' and 'bucket.'"
5) "The real solution is to bring back real reasons for people to complain. Get the hookers and junkies back on the street, bring fear back into the streets. The Sub-urbees will leave, the hipster shops will close and the bars will whither to only a few that cater to the daring. Then everything will be mostly quiet again, except add in a few late night random gun shots and police sirens."

As was our intent, plenty of new friendships are being forged through Curbed's comments function. Do check it out.
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[Pianos photo via LarimdaME's Flickr photostream]