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Reacting to All That Square Footage: Feline Edition

Blogger Callalillie, ever vigilant to the purr of the feline world [#5], discovers that (New York? Brooklyn?) cats can react in funny ways to changes in square footage:

The Park Slope side of the family ... has always lived in 550 square feet and under. This generally has amounted to a maximum of two rooms (or, if you are a realtor, five rooms including the bathroom and two closets).Fast forward to the new place and close-up on the kitties:After being freaked out by the size of the bathroom for a day, which was their staging area prior to being introduced to the rest of the house, Olive and Irving were released into the wilds of 1200 square feet. It took half a day for them to venture from one room to the other.Heck, some of us would be beside ourselves upon encountering that much space.
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