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Pour One Out for a Williamsburg OG

It'll come as no surprise to hungry Williamsburgians that longtime favored brunch spot Oznot's Dish is no more. After all, the worldly Berry Street spot has been shuttered since late last summer (check out this comments thread at Free Williamsburg for more info about that). Despite the loss, there haven't been many public memorials for the 'Burg staple, and a Curbed reader would like to see that changed:

This breaks my heart. Oznot's was not just a neighborhood institution, but it was also the OG -- original gentrifier -- for Williamsburg & Greenpoint. I lived in Greenpoint from 96-99, & it was the only non-Polish place serving good food (together with Planet Thailand/Thai Cafe) -- it never stopped doing so. Whenever you were in Billyburg & tired of the constant stream of whatever the hot new hipster restaurant was at the moment, Oznot's was always the place to go. The sick irony here is that it fell victim to the same forces of gentrification that it helped create. Damn.Not to let the spotlight slip away so easily, Planet Thailand is also in the news, currently enmeshed in the whole Finger Building debacle. For more on that mess, check out the second item in Sunday's Big Deal column for a confusing explanation that you'll most likely have to read twice. So many damn names.
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