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Calling Bullshit on 2006 Hotel Openings

Hotel weblog HotelChatter makes its predictions for the actual opening dates of six under-construction Manhattan hotels, each of which claims they're going to open in 2006. Select highlights:

1) Robert Deniro's The Downtown Hotel, Tribeca: "Seems to be learning Manhattan hotel development is nothing like making Meet the Fockers... Opening Date Prediction :: December 31, 2006."
2) Jason Pomeranc's Allen Street hotel paradise: "If Jason Pomeranc is able to open his Lower East Side boutique hotel in the year 2006 we will personally rent out one of the suites and have an open bar party for the entire Allen Street hotel staff. Oh, and Jason, we are going by the Gregorian calendar... Opening Date Prediction :: December 1, 2008."
3) Blue Moon Hotel, Lower East Side: "Opening Date Prediction :: Never."

· 2006 New York City Hotel Opening Preview [HotelChatter]