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Rumblings & Bumblings: Is ConEd the Next 160 Imlay?

[It's Rumblings & Bumblings, the feature where Curbed readers email questions about what's being built up or ripped down around them. If you know the scoop, or you've got a question of your own, email or hit the comments. Responses follow on Thursday. Now, let's get ready to ruummmmble... for safety!]

1) Williamsburg: "Anyone know anything about the defunct ConEd plant at 492-518 Kent Ave. on the south side of Williamsburg (above, just down the street from Schaefer Landing)? I heard that ConEd hired Cushman Wakefied to market the 2.6 acre, M-3 zoned waterfront parcel earlier this autumn as a possible rezoning for, wait for it.... residential. But I haven't heard anything beyond that. Did it sell? Could we have another Imlay Street debacle on our hands?"
2) Lower East Side: "Recently I've seen a lot of activity at the old Provident Loan Society, Jasper John's studio, The Bank, Club Chaos, Gentlemen's Club (and a few other incarnations in between) at the corner of Houston and Essex. It started with new metal shutters. Then, the other night, lights once again shot up the facade. Today I walk by and hear hammering from within. Would you or any other Curbed readers know what is afoot?"
3) Lower Midtown: A Rumblings correspondent from our last edition checks in with a veritable cornucopia of queries about his hood: "Do you have any idea on the development between 2nd and 1st ave and 35/36 st? It seems like they are ripping St. Vartans apart. Also any idea on the 9SOLO57 (the development on 1st ave and east river between 35 and 36)? Or the one across from the ATRIUM on 34th between 2nd and 3rd? Also, what's going on at the empty parking lot next to the Crescent (225 east 36 street) that's under construction?" (Exhale.)
4) BoCoCa: More of a statement of fact than a question, but what the hell: "I thought you'd be interested to know that a new American Apparel store is quietly taking shape at 247 Smith Street, by the corner of Douglass. The space has been vacant for almost a year, since a new building was put up."
5) Chelsea: "Do you know what is going on at 24th St. and Tenth Ave? On the Northeast corner was a closed down restaurant with the initials CC. Now it is all boarded up and under construction. Any idea what's moving in?" (Not to steal your fun, but Eater's got the scoop.)
6) Hell's Kitchen: "Any idea whats going up on 42nd and 10th? the whole building is being raised." (Boy, we're really ruining the party. That's probably Related's Cirque du Soleil spectacular, no?)