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WTC Chaos Update: We'll Carry On Through It All

While developer Larry Silverstein rethinks his bid for over $3 billion in taxpayer-sponsored Liberty Bonds to help fund development at the World Trade Center site—N.B. Silverstein quote yesterday: "You cannot build apartments at Ground Zero"—bigger news breaks: they're going to turn off the memorial waterfall in winter, according to Downtown Express. Why? Explained the LMDC's memorial design director, "The visitor experience will not be a pleasant one. You will not only be cold, but wet. The wind will blow water into the galleries." Not like this hasn't been pointed out before by a passel of critics, but hey: common sense! Awright!

Meantime, for those looking to make sense of the current WTC chaos, architecture blogger Miss Representation offers one of his trademark Very Long Blog Posts on the state of the game at Ground Zero. Recommended read.
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