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Saarinen Terminal Update: Blame the Port Authority

In yesterday's post about the glittering interiors-to-be at JetBlue's new JFK terminal, airport blogger extraordinaire Greg Lindsay left a comment that offers a clear update on what the future has in store for Eero Saarinen's famed TWA Terminal [photo here via Lightningfield]:

The final purpose of the Saarinen building is still up in the air, and that's not jetBlue's, Gensler's or Rockwell's fault. That's in the hands of the Port Authority. I have no clue how the Airtrain situation will work in 3-4 years from now, but I doubt it will connect directly to the Saarinen terminal. The current status, according to jetBlue PR and Rockwell (who I interviewed about all of this a while back) is that there's an RFP floating around about what to do with the building, one that was issued by the PA. My friends at jetBlue had no idea what the time frame regarding that RFP was, and didn't know if the terminal was about to become a construction site until 2009. Personally, I'm pulling for a restaurant along the lines of Encounter at LAX, which uses the Theme Building to great effect.· JFK's T5: JetBlue's Blockbuster Interior [Curbed]
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