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Shark Bites: 'Cheap' 1-3 Family Homes

[Every two weeks, our pals at real estate research website PropertyShark drop by to share some of the wealth from their data-filled maps of New York City. From air rights to FEMA flood zones, Shark Bites examines familiar neighborhoods in unfamiliar ways. Previous installments here and here; chewy new goodness below...]

In last week's discussion of housing prices, a Curbed reader brought up the possible impact of end-of-year Wall Street bonuses. Well, I can tell you the impact my end-of-year Wall Street bonus will have: none. So for the rest of us it's a choice between a "spacious" Manhattan studio and, well, possibly a house with a yard and maybe even one or two rental apartments to help with the mortgage. Here's a map of the up-and-coming area of Brooklyn beyond Park Slope, showing 1-3 family homes that sold since Jan 1, 2001 for less than $1 million. Lower prices are colored in darker shades. (Click through to see the map for all of NYC.) Happy hunting—there's a lot out there.
· Cheap 1-3 Family Homes [Property Shark]