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Lab Coats Poised to Hit 7 World Trade?

WTC leaseholder Larry Silverstein is still trying to nail down that all-important first tenant at 7 World Trade Center. But this ain't happening overnight, people. Back before Halloween, the Post heard that folks at the New York Academy of Sciences were thinking of carrying their beakers and test tubes over to the shiny new building. Well, they're still taking readings, but we might have an acutal-real-live lease signing within days, as they eye "a full, 40,000-square-foot floor." No word on whether the Academy, which organizes scientific conferences, plans to vacate its neo-Italian Renaissance building (right) on East 63rd Street.
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UPDATE: As mentioned by a commenter, the building at 2 E. 63rd was indeed sold to an investment firm back in September for $31.25 million. And the group is hoping to find someplace new by year's end.