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The Hunt Revealed! Angry Emails Actually Work

Every Monday we provide a rundown of some of the more notable real estate coverage that ran in the Post and Times over the weekend. We always have a word or two to say about The Hunt, Joyce Cohen's retelling of a New Yorker's oft-vexing apartment search. We've always wondered how she finds these people, and while a smarter man or woman or manwoman would have just asked, we choose to dig up all our information from web logs (or "blogs"). On a site called The Daily Dump, a friend of the most recent Hunter (right, with Jorge) pulls the curtain back on the mysterious process. The blogger says his homey James was so incensed by this older Hunt column that he fired off the following email to Joyce:

“Needless to say I can not find sympathy for the trials and tribulations of someone landing an amazing job that can afford them a one-bedroom on the Upper West 70's of Manhattan for $1,850. Regardless of the so called "fixer-upper" status. When you say things like, "She hung curtains on the three windows and put a candlescape in the fireplace," I begin to shake my head in disgust. Three windows? A fireplace? Even a non-working fireplace is still a fireplace in Manhattan, and windows are like rare portals to the world outside, rarely handed out in pairs let alone trios. So what of this tale of "ups and downs?" Well, I'll tell you one I think more relevant.”She agreed to let him. And that, friends, is how the magic happens.
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