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East Harlem: Here Comes the Neighborhood

A Curbed tipster points us in the direction of this cool view of the site for the new Museum for African Art at Fifth Avenue and 110th Street. She writes, "I heard that a developer will build a 15 story condo tower, where the first 5 floors will house the museum, and the rest will be market rate condos. The developer is expecting to sell for $800 per sq. ft. This is going to completely change the area (I live in the nabe)--there is also a new development on 110th St between Lenox and 5th, and two new ones on 110th/Lenox. The area is booming—now we need a new supermarket. Also, the Schomberg towers on 5th/110th are Mitchel-Lama project that is expiring soon—how can we find out when? Have you heard anything about these developments around the park?"

Looks like a good chance to get up to speed on what's doing in this corner of East Harlem. Anyone with scoops, drop a line to and we'll compile a dossier.
· Permanent New Home on Fifth Avenue [Museum for African Art]