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Daily Dose of Corporate Hate: Subway in the 'Burg

Here at Curbed Corporate (riiight), we like our protest posters toasted and served with a slathering of dirt to lock in that gritty zest. Hence the anti-Subway screed excerpted above, spotted on Bedford Ave. in Williamsburg, not far from the new franchise. And here we were so distracted by the impending real subway strike (as in the MTA) that we failed to learn of the sandwich shop's trial membership in the axis of corporate evil. (We hear Wal-Mart and McDonald's are serving as co-chairs of the "initiation committee.") For all five reasons to boycott Subway, check out (Jonathan Lethem, anyone?), but we'd like to highlight one item: "Subway may serve as a 'gateway' drug to other corporations like Starbucks or Old Navy." Those branded streets are a mean place, kids; don't accept any "free samples."
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