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'Bucks on Clinton: Second Sign of the Apocalypse?

Ah, memories. Remember the scene at right? When Starbucks set up shop on the Lower East Side, touching off a storm of coverage/outrage/non-outrage? Fun times. And after bearing down on the 'Burg, the 'Bucks might be coming back for a LES double-dip. A tipster writes:

I haven't had a chance to verify this yet... but my roommate was speaking with one of the owners of Lotus Lounge [Ed.: Clinton Street coffee shop/bar/wi-fi spot, not Chelsea superclub], who said that Starbucks has been pressuring him the last few months to sell out. Literally. So far the owners are resisting, but the roommate got the impression from him that it was just a matter of time.A shocker! As a service to our hipster readership, we have provided an updated Lower East Side Starbucks map after the jump, just in case this turns out to be true and you want to avoid crossing paths with corporate caffeine blandness.

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