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Chelsea Studios for Sale: 28 Varieties

Yesterday we made a little posty post about a Chelsea loft on the market for $579,000, just because we liked the pretty pictures. Well, as it turns out, there are actually knowledgable people out there who can do more than just flap their gums about pictures. In a lively comments thread about how much other apartments in the building (Chelsea Mews, at right) sold for, what sort of offer would be accepted, the nature of studio apartments as a whole and, uh, Baltimore, discussion leader Babs dropped some factoids that?while not necessarily the most vital information out there?is still pretty good to know. She wrote:

My database shows 28 studios in Chelsea currently on the market (I stopped the search at $1 million), ranging from $311K, on the ground floor of a walk-up building on 23rd between 8th and 9th, to $695K for new construction in a historic building on 19th between Sixth and Seventh -- 714 sq. ft., ready Spring 2006, so we're pretty much right in the middle here.· On the Market: Bookish in Chelsea [Curbed]